About Us

Capstone revolutionizes the legal industry by delivering an entrepreneurial and business-oriented approach to legal and business issues while completely discarding the outdated billable hour model relied upon by most law firms. Capstone is dedicated to providing results-oriented, forward-thinking and creative solutions to emerging and middle market companies while providing fee certainty through its outside general counsel and fixed fee programs.

Capstone empowers companies to think differently about the attorney-client relationship. Its model encourages businesspeople to regularly consult with their attorney without hesitation as a trusted business advisor and confidant and thereby properly aligns the partnership between attorney and client.
Capstone Law LLC

Stu Goodman, a highly experienced real estate and corporate law attorney, founded Capstone in 2013. Stu founded Capstone in response to his ongoing frustration with the misalignment of interests between attorneys and their clients stemming largely from law firms’ insistence on the billable hour.

He found that the billable hour concept often causes clients to fear calling their attorneys about important issues to avoid starting “the clock” or to provide their attorneys only with information they consider “essential”. In essence, the billable hour prevents attorneys from best representing their clients.

By discarding the traditional law firm model, Capstone creates a true partnership with its clients while providing a highly sophisticated and creative approach to a wide range of legal issues facing emerging and middle market companies.